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We have assisted over 500+ working individuals in successfully achieving 

“a stable passive income with zero capital cost.”

✅ Down payment, HOMEDOPT got it covered.
✅ Insurance, HOMEDOPT got it covered.
✅ Tenants, HOMEDOPT got it covered.
✅ Just 5 years, and you'll receive rent every month!

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The 3 most common scenarios in the local real estate market​​

Home Adoption

Sell Small House for Bigger House

Having a high income, can sell your small house for to a bigger house.


Migration to intercity or Oversea

Relocation to a region outside the country
or within to study or work

No Work
Gas Price

Emergency Sell of Assets

Many negative reasons can cause the value
of your assets to reduce.

What is Home Adoption?

Our model is similar to:

Grab – There are drivers, there are customers

HOMEDOPT – There are House Owners (original owners), there are clients (adopters)

Home Adopters


For adopters (customers), here are the benefits:

🤩 You can receive adoption fees ranging from RM 500+ to RM 1,500+ per month, similar to rental income!

🤩 You don’t have to pay a substantial amount for stamping fees, legal fees, down payment, or insurance!

🤩 You don’t need to be tied down for 35 years; instead, you can enjoy steady adoption fees for just 5 years, similar to rental income!

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For original homeowners, here are the benefits:

🤩 You can cash out up to 40%!

🤩 You can use it for capital turnover with 0% interest over 5 years!

🤩 You don’t need to make monthly instalments.

“Do you want to know how to cash out up to 40% without selling your property? Click for a free consultation! We will have experts explain it to you!”

House Owners

Take a look at real-life examples of our adopters.

Client A

Client A

“Using spare idle funds to make money!”


Client B

“Steady adoption fees for 5 years!”

Client C - Homeowner

Client C

“Almost zero-risk investment because it’s zero capital!”

Join our HOMEDOPT Adopter and Original Homeowner community now!

Start enjoying a steady adoption fee every month, without worrying about any financial loss because you don’t have to spend a single penny. HOMEDOPT takes care of it all for you!

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Financial Disclaimer:

The following comprehensive financial disclaimer pertains to the Homedopt Home Adoption Program, which has proven instrumental in aiding over 500 working individuals in achieving “a stable passive income with zero capital cost.” It is crucial to gain a thorough understanding of the program, its potential benefits, and the associated financial risks before engaging with the Homedopt Home Adoption Program.


The Homedopt Home Adoption Program offers a unique opportunity for individuals seeking to generate a passive income without significant upfront capital investment. While the program touts numerous advantages, it is imperative to be fully informed about the financial intricacies and potential risks that come with participating in this initiative.

Income Guarantees and Investment Considerations:

One of the primary attractions of the Homedopt Home Adoption Program is the promise of a stable passive income. It is essential to recognize that, despite these assurances, the specific income you may receive is not guaranteed. The level of income can vary significantly due to factors such as market conditions, local rental demand, and individual financial situations. Potential participants should approach this program with a clear understanding that their financial returns may fluctuate over time.

Investment Risks:

The Homedopt Home Adoption Program, like all investments, carries inherent risks. It is fundamentally grounded in real estate adoption, where property values can experience both appreciation and depreciation. The return on investment is subject to market fluctuations, making it essential for individuals to assess their risk tolerance and financial objectives before participating. Moreover, unexpected developments, such as economic downturns or property market shifts, can impact investment outcomes.

Legal and Financial Consultation:

A critical step before entering the Homedopt Home Adoption Program is to seek legal, financial, and tax advice from qualified professionals. Real estate transactions and income generation can have complex legal and financial implications, varying by jurisdiction. To safeguard your interests, it is highly recommended to have a comprehensive understanding of the program’s terms, potential tax liabilities, and the legal framework governing property transactions.

Results May Vary:

While success stories from the program’s adopters, illustrated by Client A, Client B, and Client C, showcase the potential for a stable income, these examples should not be misconstrued as predictive of your specific outcomes. Each participant’s financial situation is unique, and various factors, including location, property type, and market dynamics, can influence income levels.

Past Performance:

Past performance should not be solely relied upon as a predictor of future results. The property market and economic conditions are subject to change over time, and the performance of investments may differ from historical precedents. As such, individuals should not base their expectations solely on past performance data.

Homedopt Home Adoption Program’s Role:

The Homedopt Home Adoption Program distinguishes itself by covering down payments, insurance, and various other costs associated with property adoption. It is imperative to understand that this financial assistance does not eliminate investment risks. Participants should conduct extensive due diligence, become familiar with the terms and conditions of the program, and be aware of potential limitations and responsibilities.

Individual Financial Situation:

Participants in the Homedopt Home Adoption Program must consider their unique financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance before embarking on this journey. Personal financial well-being should be the foremost concern. The program’s suitability may differ depending on an individual’s objectives and circumstances, making it imperative to tailor investment decisions to your specific needs.

Acknowledgment and Caution:

By engaging with the information and services provided by the Homedopt Home Adoption Program, you acknowledge that you fully understand the associated risks with real estate adoption and financial decisions. It is your responsibility to make well-informed choices, seek professional advice when necessary, and carefully weigh the potential benefits against the inherent risks. The Homedopt Home Adoption Program disclaims any responsibility for the financial outcomes of your investments. It is advisable to approach this opportunity with prudence, foresight, and a commitment to a well-researched decision-making process.